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Request for Proposals for Professional Services
RFP 2024- Special Counsel for Affordable  Housing

Pursuant to the provisions of the resolution, this document shall serve as a “Request for Proposals” to all interested persons.  The governing body intends to award a one-year contract expiring December 31, 2024 for the services of Special Counsel for Affordable Housing  All Proposals must be submitted to James Kelly, Berkeley Township Purchasing Agent, at Berkeley Township Purchasing Department, 627 Pinewald-Keswick Road, P. O. Box B, Bayville, New Jersey, 08721, sealed proposals must be submitted to the Township Purchasing Agent on or before Feburary 16, 2024, at or before 10 a.m.  The Township reserves the right to reject any proposals not received by that date.  All proposals must include the following minimum information to be considered:
 Name of the individual(s) to be assigned to perform the tasks.

Professional experience of the individual(s) to be assigned including a listing of experience with Berkeley Township and/or experience with other municipalities.

A statement concerning the ability of the firm/individual to perform tasks assigned by the Township in a timely fashion.

Professional licenses held by the individual(s) to be assigned.

Educational background and experience of the individual(s) assigned.

A description of the support staff available to the individual(s) to be assigned.

A copy of the Certificate of Insurance, issued by an insurance carrier licensed in the State of New Jersey, for the firm/company showing the amount of professional liability insurance and all other coverage in place as of 1/1/24.

A list of professional references with addresses and telephone contact number.

Detailed hourly rates for ALL staff that will be or potentially could be assigned and any other “charges” for extra services not included in hourly rates.

A comparison of the hourly rates charged to other municipalities for similar work to be undertaken for Berkeley Township.

Any known potential conflicts of interest that may result in the individual/firm becoming disqualified from working for Berkeley Township.

Completion of Affirmative Action information.

Submission of a copy of your Business Registration Certificate

Location of office serving Municipality

Resume of individuals providing services

Statement as to whether any of the principals of the firm or the firm itself has been convicted of a crime within the last five (5) years

A statement as to whether any of the principals of the firm or the firm itself has received a target letter from a grand jury

Certification as to the truth of the above two statements

All proposals must be contained in a sealed envelope with the names and addresses of the parties submitting the proposals and marked Sealed Proposal and the position sought.

 It should be noted that all submissions shall be kept on file during the term of the related contract and shall be public records after the deadline for the submission of the proposals.

Proposals must be enclosed in a sealed envelope, bearing the name and address of the vendor, the professional service, and must be addressed to the Township of Berkeley Purchasing Department, to the attention of James Kelly.

Interested vendors are advised that the Township does not have responsibility for the delivery of U.S. Mail, or any other private mail carrier.  PACKAGE or ENVELOPE MUST BE ENDORSED:  RFP 2024-Special Counsel for Affordable Housing

Please submit only one copy of your proposal.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at 732-244-7400 X1228

Required Bid Documents

James Kelly

Berkeley Township Purchasing Agent