The Investigations Bureau is tasked with the investigation of crimes reported throughout Berkeley Township. These Detectives specialize in various fields of investigations to include, narcotics, arson, financial crimes, senior crimes and burglary.
Berkeley Detectives work hand in hand with neighboring jurisdiction as well as with Ocean County Prosecutors Office and NJ State Police. The Investigations Bureau is responsible for Megan’s Law Registry, Second hand goods database (Pawn slips) as well as the investigation of liquor licenses. Neighborhood Watch and community education are also functions handled by the Detective Bureau
The Investigations Bureau wants to remind residents on the importance of community involvement in the solving of crimes. Without information from the public many cases would go unsolved. That is why residents are urged to contact investigation bureau with any crime related information. A tip line is available at (732) 341-1132 x611 or concerned citizens can contact them via this site. Remember all information is confidential and you can remain anonymous. 
Detective/Lieutenant Scott Stoker  : (732) 341-1132 x 2117
Detective Secretary Gina Temperio: (732) 341-1132 x 2123
Detective William Somers: (732) 341-1132 x 2111-Juvenile Liaison 
Detective Michael Tier: (732) 341-1132 x 2118
Detective Michael Riccardelli: (732) 341-1132 x 2153
Detective Joe Santoro: (732) 341-1132 x 2120
Detective Daniel Williams: (732) 341-1132 x 2124
Detective Jonathan Mulvihill (732) 341-1132 x2122 
SRO Miki Baranyay (732) 341-1132 X2123-  School Resource Officer