Drug Awareness Program for Parents

On behalf of Chief Karin DiMichele and the entire Berkeley Township Police Department we urge all parents and those who care for school age children to attend the Hidden in Plain Sight Seminar January 30th, 6pm at Central Regional High School.

Learn by this hands on demonstration where and what could be concealed in our children’s rooms. Taught by real people with real life experience. People willing to share what they been through with us so we may prevent another tragedy from occurring.

The truth is most of us as parents oftentimes may overlook the obvious signs of drug use because we simply don’t know what to look for.

As we all know, The State and the County are in the grips of a devastating opioid crisis. To be blunt, our children and young adults are becoming addicted and they are dying. You are now statistically more likely to die from an opioid overdose than from a car accident.

We as a community need to continue to use every resource available to prevent and combat this epidemic. One of these resources is education.

The Berkeley Township Police Department reminds our residents of our tireless commitment to our community as we combat this epidemic head on. Whether it is through the endless pursuit of drug dealers or through our collaboration with our school systems, neighboring towns and agencies or through our community outreach and social media initiatives, we know our greatest weapon in this fight is strong interaction and cooperation with our residents. Please come out on January 30th at 6pm.