Public Works

Shawn Thomas, CPWM
Director of Public Works
Paul Dasti
Equipment Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor

Office Hours: 7:30 am-3:00 pm

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Division Of Streets And Roads - (732) 349-4616

  • Maintenance and repair all public roads within the boundaries of the Township.
  • Maintenance and repair all sidewalks, curbs, gutters and encroachments controlled by the Township in accordance with Township Ordinances.
  • Grading gravel roads on an as needed basis.
  • Provide Snow Removal services and sanding/salting of all public Township Roads.
  • Plan and implement public capital improvements for parks, beaches and recreation areas.
  • Maintenance all signage in Berkeley Township.
  • Maintenance and repair storm drainage systems.
  • Oversees all overlay and drainage projects.
  • Inspection of all street openings by utility companies.
  • Grass cutting on shoulders and Township right-of-ways.
  • Various in-house construction and drainage projects.
  • Storm Water Management.

Easy things you can do every day to protect Berkeley Township's Waterways.
A Guide to Healthy Habits for Cleaner Water

2024 Document Shredding Schedule 

Report a Pothole

Mayor Bacchione would like residents to report any potholes by using the form below. Due to weather conditions we realize that it has created numerous potholes throughout the Townships 271 miles of Roads. The Public Works Department is asking your help to let us know where these trouble spots are.

Division Of Equipment Maintenance – (732) 349-3766

The Division of Equipment Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance and repair of vehicles within the following departments: Streets/Roads, Parks/Beaches/Recreation, Solid Waste Collection/Recycling, Police Department, Fire Departments and Office of Emergency Management.