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Vital Statistics
Click Here for Information regarding the State Vital Statistics Office.

Applying for a Marriage/Civil Union or Domestic Partnership


Click below for Berkeley Township's requirements for applying for a Marriage License:
REQUIREMENTS to apply for a Marriage/Civil Union/Domestic Partnership 

The application may be filled out beforehand. The second page by NJ State Law must be completed in front of the local registrar.
That form (REG 77) can be found here.

Certified Copies of a Vital Record
The cost for Certified Copies is $5.00 per copy. Please keep in mind in accordance with N.J.A.C. 8:2A-2.1 anyone requesting a Certified Copy of a vital record must be a direct relative (this does not include Nieces, Nephews or Cousins) or Legal representative with DOCUMENTARY PROOF, have valid Identification and be able to answer all the information on the request forms. Vital Records are NOT Public records.

How to prove relationship for certified copies of vital records if you are looking for a certified copy of:

  • YOUR OWN BIRTH CERTIFICATE and you have assumed your spouse’s/civil union partner’s surname you must provide a copy of the certified copy of your marriage/civil union certificate to link the name on your current ID to the name on your birth certificate.
  • YOUR CHILD’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE you don’t need any additional documents.
  • YOUR SPOUSE’S/CIVIL UNION PARTNER’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE you must provide a copy of your marriage/civil union certificate.
  • YOUR PARENT’S OR SIBLING’S VITAL RECORD you must provide a copy of your birth certificate. if you have assumed your spouse's/civil union partner's last name you must also provide a copy of your marriage/civil union certificate to link the name on your current ID to the name on your birth certificate.
  • YOUR GRANDPARENT’S VITAL RECORD you must establish that you are the person’s grandchild by providing proof that links the name on your ID to the name of the grandparent. For example, if you changed your last name after marriage/civil union and want a grandparent’s vital record, you must: 1. Provide your marriage/civil union certificate to show your name at birth,, 2. Provide your birth certificate to identify your parent, and 3. Provide the parent’s birth certificate to identify the grandparent.

If you are not a person qualified to get a certified copy of a record but

  • You are helping a person receive a certified copy of a vital record they are eligible to receive, you must show your valid ID and a notarized, written release form authorizing you to get the record on that person’s behalf OR, you can supply a written release from the person you are helping along with a copy of that person’s valid photo ID.

If you are an attorney or LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE EXECUTOR of an estate : who is EXECUTOR OF AN ESTATE you must supply proof of appointment as the executor. (Surrogates Certificate)

*IF YOU ARE NOT THE LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE of an eligible person, you must obtain a court order directing the State Registrar to issue a certified copy of the record. A subpoena is not sufficient to issue a copy of a vital record.
Request Form for Certified copies of a Vital Record